User research

"Stop guessing what your customers need" let us find out for you

Do you know what your customers expect from your website or products?
All companies aspire to deliver websites and products that fullfil their customer's needs. However tight deadlines, limited resources and an inflexible internal culture can add up to delivering the same old same old. What if your customer's needs have changed?

User research by utenza can keep your products relevant
We can interview your customers in our userability labs, analyse their answers (we have psychologists) and keep you relevant in your industry simply by asking your customers what they want.

We can help with new products, new websites or simply tweaking current lines to keep them relevant.

We have helped numerous companies understand their customer's needs, advance their products and grow sales - and in many cases receiving glowing 5 star reviews as a result.

White board containing sticky notes
A screen shot of a wireframe

Rapid wireframing

"A wireframe paints a thousand words" and then lets you scribble all over it

Wireframe tools such as Axure allow business users to get their ideas and requirements across to stakeholders and development teams much faster.

Long, complex requirement documents are produced as a result of long complex projects. Technical developers can understand them but do your business development team actually have time to read them and validate them?

No matter what size of project you are undertaking and no matter what project format you are using (waterfall/agile) rapid wireframing will help you get to the correct set of requirements faster - that's a guarantee.

All your stakeholders will understand a wireframe which is an interactive picture of your product. It isn't the full product and is kept purposefully "basic" in it's look and feel (colouring it in comes later) but your stakeholders will happily pick up a marker and draw over the wireframe explaining exactly what they need in a collaborative manner.


UX testing

Usability issues = frustrated users = more expensive support calls

No-one wants to waste money on a product that their customers can't use.
Developing a product costs time & money, sometimes lots of it. No-one plans to launch a product that no-one can use but it happens for many reasons However if you test your product as it is being developed with potential or existing customers then you can modify it as you go. This helps iron out any usability issues before launch and can help you tweak the product to changing market needs - little and often.

utenza has many years experience testing websites and products with users. We know what works and what doesn't and can quite often deliver large improvements just by applying industry standards to your development. Once this "expert review" has taken place we can then progress onto testing with users to find even more improvements.

Screen shot of iphone being tested using video sled

A screen shot of a wireframe

Website testing

From "we must have a new website" to "we're proud of our new website"

Sometime the pressure is just on. Senior stakeholders want a new website and they want it now. Maybe it's to support a new product launch or an industry announcement. Despite your best efforts compromises wil be made and you end up just "getting something out there". You'll go back and fix all the holes later but have to announce your new website to the world now. You aren't necessarily proud of it....yet. Let us take some of the strain out of the process for you. We can research customer journeys, liaise with development partners and ensure that none of the main usability "gotchyas" slip in.


Mobile testing

"Used little and often, on the move and with poor coverage" it's a tough life being a mobile website

Mobile usability is a whole different world to what we call the "desktop" experience.
Users are dipping in and out of your application or website.


  • are looking for something that is likely to be very time or location relevant.
  • are looking for the next train time, a local Thai restaurant, somewhere to get a new widget urgently.
  • don't want to browse or type in too many details and there's every chance that they aren't on wifi and so need a fast download
  • .
Can you deliver this?
Or were you just going to copy your current main website? Let us help you focus on the main areas your customers will be interested in. Through expert reviews, competitor analysis and customer interviews we can analyse what users want from your mobile application easily. You can then focus your development on the areas that will really get used.

Screen shot of iphone being tested using video sled
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