O2 Business & enterprise website redevelopment

Banner screen shot of o2 business website

The brief

In 2011 O2 needed to restructure its small business and enterprise sales departments. This lead to utenza being engaged to oversee the redesign and redevelopment of the associated website.

This was also one of the first Agile projects carried out within O2 and utenza were involved in ensuring that the usability and Agile processes worked together effectively.

The preparation

Wireframe of website This project coincided with a lot of new team members joining O2 and so utenza used rapid wireframing to pull together new stakeholder's ideas within workshops to ensure momentum wasn't lost with people getting up to speed.

These initial wireframes were then fleshed out for designers, developers and high level stakeholders to take away and comment on.

The work

Screen of finished webpage As the project progressed utenza became more involved with prioritising usability based requirements within the Scrum backlog, helping stakeholders protect their requirements against delivery pressures and oversee the quality of pages being produced.

The result

Home page of o2 business website Although this website is 2 years old the end result has stood the test of time and has allowed the business to add more content and features over the last 2 years without having to change the original Information Architecture.
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