Tesco Mobile self service app for iPhone and Android

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The brief

Through customer feedback Tesco Mobile was aware of a pent up demand from its customers to be able to access their accounts via a mobile app. In addition Tesco Mobile's online self service portal was outdated and expensive to develop and so a strategic decision was made to develop an app for the iPhone and Android OS.

utenza was engaged to help Tesco Mobile create the intial feature set for the app, assist in the selection of the third party development company, create testable wireframes and supervise all aspects of usability during the building of the app.

The preparation

Screen of wireframed mobile application With a strong background in "self service" mobile apps, utenza was able to advise Tesco Mobile to keep the initial feature set small. It was more important at this stage to build a robust app that worked everytime to build user's confidence ready for future releases.

To begin with, utenza created clickable wireframes that were loaded onto a real iPhone and tested with a range of mobile app users in labs in London. This testing validated that the initial feature set was exactly what users were looking for and we therefore had greater confidence moving into the development phase.

As this was the first time Tesco Mobile had carried out any form of user testing the sessions were well attended by members of the Marketing and Development teams leading to a positive first impression for the new way of working.

The work

Screen of wireframed mobile application with notes To make the wireframes "production ready" utenza designed high fidelity mockups and used a copywriter to start creating the real screens in Photoshop.

The high fidelity mockups and functional wireframes were then handed over to the third party developer who used these to produce the actual Android and iOS prototype apps.

The result

5* reviews of the app The app was launched into the Apple and Google Play stores with limited promotion to allow for a soft launch. This approach enabled Tesco Mobile to monitor the reception the app received and also limit the impact on Tesco Mobile’s back end systems.

App ratings vary over time due to launch logistics, customer support issues, new product releases etc however the Tesco Mobile app received 5* on launch and has received over 4* on average since.
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