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Rapid wireframing

Rapid wireframing

"A wireframe paints a thousand words" and then lets you scribble all over it.

Get your requirements written and signed off faster by using wireframes to get everyone aligned.

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Usability testing

Usability testing

Usability issues = frustrated users = more expensive support calls

By testing early you can greatly reduce your support needs and improve your customer satiisfaction scores.

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Online and mobile usability

Online & mobile

An easy to use website is guaranteed to be used more often.
We can help with the industry standard basics and advise on how to make UX and usability techniques the standard in your business.

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Recruiters, place UX candidates with confidence

With over 30 years of UX hiring experience, we can help vet your candidates quickly and accurately.

UX is a difficult area to get right. For an industry so hung up on consistency we have a plethora of job role names which are mostly interchangeable and vague enough to confuse the most ardent UX recruiter.

We would love to help you find your next candidate.



here's something we prepared earlier

Tesco Mobile website. A brand new start.

As the lead UX agency on the Tesco Mobile redesign we carried out the following:

  • Initial customer research and persona generation
  • Card sorting exercises to create the Information Architecture
  • UX point of reference for all design queries during development

utenza - Tesco Mobile redesign

utenza - O2 business redesign

O2 business. Bringing it all together.

O2 business asked utenza to pull together all the different elements of their business and enterprise offerings onto one website. With numerous stakeholders, limited budget and tight timescales we pulled it off with a design that will grow with the business.

Tesco Mobile app. Hit the ground running

Utenza were responsible for the UX and design on the very first Tesco Mobile app for the iPhone and Android platforms. From initial customer research through to developer friendly wireframes, utenza took Tesco Mobile through every stage.

The result?
5* reviews on the Apple and Google app stores.
Now that's hitting the ground running.

utenza - Tesco Mobile app

utenza - O2 help at hand product design

O2 Help @ Hand. A new product.

When O2 were looking to expand into the telecare market, utenza were able to help them understand the usability needs of vulnerable users. Thanks to the first rate end to end user experience O2 Help @ Hand received a "Net Promoter Score" of 70% - double the average usually found in the telecoms industry.